US Citizenship and Immigration Services: Application Review Process Is Much Slower

Immigration Application Process

Many applicants wonder why it takes so much time to review their applications. According to the data provided by the government, the application approval process has become much longer. The time needed for the completion to review applications has changed.

This situation takes place in 86% of cases. One can notice that the review process isn’t as effective as before. As a result, there is a visa backlog. What is the reason for such a situation now? Everything is simple. The application form size has changed. Forms provided by immigrants have become larger compared to previous years.

Before, the volume of the immigrant form was about 200 pages, while now it’s about 700 pages and more. Over 90% of forms have become larger compared to their first release.

It isn’t surprising that more time is needed to process each form in 2023. Not only the form size has changed, but the time spent interviewing the applicants. Today, each applicant should provide more information for their application to be approved.

One more problem is the digitization of the application process. The incentive of the USCIS to make the application process online has resulted in making the review process slower. Most adjudicators find it hard to process applications and other documents in the digital form.

The ineffectiveness of the review process has resulted in a real catastrophe. According to the calculations, over 10 million hours are required to deal with the visa backlog.